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Faeria - Fall of Everlife DLC

Operating System

Windows, Mac OS, Linux

Release Date

18 Jul 2018


Abrakam SA

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Emperor Kaios has consumed the Fruit of Everlife, unleashing a terrible corruption into the Oversky. Band together with the Yaks and Rakoans to fight it off!

Fall of Everlife introduces 40 brand new cards to add to your collection.

Keyword: Corrupt

The Fall of Everlife expansion features the powerful CORRUPT keyword. Corrupt does something the first time this creature moves onto enemy land any turn after it is played.

Use creatures like the Monstrous Hydra, Shadowsilk Faerie, or even Kaios himself to use your enemies lands against them.


Fall of Everlife is the first expansion to introduce subtypes into Faeria. Subtypes provide additional synergy between the creature cards in your deck. Finally, you can summon a herd of yaks to dominate your opponent.

Fall of Everlife is full of Yaks, Rakoans, and Beasts that you can build your deck around.

Experience the Fall of Everlife

Fall of Everlife also adds a unique Avatar, Orb, Well and Card Back to your collection.

Do you have what it takes to defend the Oversky from the forces of the Emperor?


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