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The Witcher Adventure Game

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Windows, Mac OS

Release Date

27 Nov 2014



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The Witcher Adventure Game is a digital adaptation of CD PROJEKT RED’s board game set in the brutal, dark fantasy universe of monster slayer Geralt of Rivia. Embark on a journey across the beautifully rendered world of The Witcher and complete a variety of quests: hunt for deadly beasts, solve ancient mysteries, and take part in complex political intrigues. Make choices and face their brutal consequences in a world begging to be explored!

The Witcher Adventure Game allows players to take the role of four distinct characters known from the books and video games: Geralt of Rivia, monster slayer; Triss Merigold, cunning sorceress; Yarpen Zigrin, dwarven warrior; and Dandelion, roguish bard. Each character has unique skills and multiple ways of overcoming obstacles - the choice is yours: do you fight your way to victory, call on your charm or try your hand at diplomacy?

Explore a land of mystery and spin your own, unique tale each time you play. The Witcher Adventure Game is based on the rich universe created by internationally renowned novelist Andrzej Sapkowski. Whether you’re a long time fan or this is your first contact with the universe, The Witcher Adventure Game will pull you in with its deep backstory and high replayability.


English (text), Polish (text)

System Requirements


Mac OS

OS *: Windows XP SP3
Processor (CPU): 2.0 GHz Dual Core Processor
Memory (RAM): 1 GB RAM
Graphics Card: Integrated Graphics
Storage: 500 MB available space


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The Witcher Adventure Game review gives The Witcher Adventure Game a score of 69.
The average score based on 21 critics reviews on Metacritic is 68 points.
98 users of Metacritic gave The Witcher Adventure Game an average score of 5.8.
According to Opencritic 12 critics have rated the game with an average of 68 points.
On Steam, 78% of the 1,057 players gave a positive rating.
The GOG shop has 111 player reviews with an average score of 3.7.