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17 Apr 2019


Abrakam SA

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Emperor Kaios has been defeated and the Oversky is saved.

This victory is short-lived, however, as the climate begins to slowly deteriorate, and extreme winds soon blow over the world of Faeria..

In search for a solution to this new, impending cataclysm, the crew of the Gagana ventures out into uncharted territory.

They will encounter new civilizations, new continents, new creatures.... and in the end: the Treasures of Gagana.

Faeria: Chronicles of Gagana introduces 40 brand new cards to add to your collection.

Treasure Maps

Find and accumulate powerful new Treasure cards that can also be played in Pandora mode.

Follow the Compass of Gagana to find powerful treasures such as the Magic Carpet, Thyrian Globe, and the Key of the Elements.

Keyword: Discover

Cards with the Discover keyword embrace Gagana’s spirit of exploration and discovery.

Barter for cards from your opponent’s deck, flush out beasts with the Tiki Zoologist, or even go on a Thyrian Expedition to discover cards you’d normally not have available to you.

New Mecha Subtype

The Mecha are a brand new subtype introduced with the Chronicles of Gagana. The Mecha are a sentient race of machines that the crew of Gagana will encounter on their voyages.

Chronicles of Gagana also includes a brand new battlefield background, or shore, which represents the capital city of the Mecha - Heartforge.

Begin Your Journey

Chronicles of Gagana also adds a unique Avatar, Orb, Well and Card Back to your collection.

Join the crew of the Gagana and explore new horizons aboard their flying, living bird-ship. Find some treasures while you’re at it!


English, French (text), German (text), Spanish - Spain (text), Portuguese - Portugal (text), Russian (text), Portuguese - Brazil (text), Italian (text), Japanese (text), Korean (text), Traditional Chinese (text), Czech (text), Simplified Chinese (text)


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