MudRunner - The Valley DLC

dlc MudRunner - The Valley DLC

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13 Feb 2018


Saber Interactive

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Expand your MudRunner experience with The Valley DLC!

Get behind the wheel of 3 new vehicles and discover a huge new summer forest map designed to take full advantage of your heavy-weight trucks: The Valley.

Equip 8 new add-ons including new repair kits, trailers and fuel cannisters. Some of the new add-ons are compatible with vehicles from the base game.

This pack includes:

- The Valley map
- A-969 (4x4 scout vehicle)
- C-6317 (Medium truck)
- E-7429 (8-wheel cab over truck)
- C-6317 Spare wheel
- A-969 Spare wheel
- A-969 Fuel canisters
- A-969 Garage parts
- A-969 Utility attachment
- E-7429 Advanced trailer hitch
- E-7429 Repair kit
- E-7429 (compatible with E-7310 from base game) Garage semi-trailer
- Medium log trailer (compatible with some of base game trucks)
- Medium log trailer's logs load


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