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23 Oct 2018


Saber Interactive

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Upgrade your MudRunner with the American Wilds Expansion and enjoy a slew of new additions, including 9 iconic US trucks from household brands like Ford, Hummer and Chevrolet, dozens of new vehicles add-ons, 2 new sandbox maps inspired by the rough lands of Montana and North Dakota, and 2 new challenge maps!

Overcome muddy terrain, raging rivers, and other obstacles that all realistically react to the weight and movement of your vehicle powered by the game's advanced physics engine. With your map, compass, winch, and your driving skills, go solo or join up to three others in the coop multiplayer.


English (text), French (text), Italian (text), German (text), Spanish - Spain (text), Polish (text), Portuguese - Brazil (text), Russian (text), Simplified Chinese (text)


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