Galactic Civilizations III - Builders Kit DLC

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Release Date

2 Jun 2016


Stardock Entertainment

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Explore tons of ship parts and build the ship of your dreams! With a new ship design style for custom factions and new labeling options, the possibilities for awesome designs are endless.

Over 100 new Ship Parts including:
- Dozens of core parts in functional shapes like disks, boxes, and more
- Dozens of additional specialized parts in unique shapes like cockpits, fins, and more
- Tons of new ship builder parts that allow for anything you can imagine

New Ship Label Parts:
- Use letters and numbers to customize your ship design

New Ship Style Set:
- “Raider” ship set allows you to outfit your custom factions with a new style
- New designs, constructors, starbase, and shipyard designs add more to your customizations


English, French (text), Russian (text), German (text)