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12 May 2021


Jujubee S.A.

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Plan your world domination and conquer your opponents while listening to the Realpolitiks II Soundtrack created by the award-winning composer Adam Skorupa and the talented Jürgen Cialon. The soundtrack features over one hour of mesmerizing music composed exclusively for the game. 

Music composed for the Main Campaign by Adam Skorupa:
  1. [2:02] War Games - Adam Skorupa
  2. [1:06] Patience Is A Conquering Virtue - Adam Skorupa
  3. [1:15] The Second Term - Adam Skorupa
  4. [4:09] Leaders Don’t Sleep - Adam Skorupa
  5. [4:18] Game Of Chess - Adam Skorupa
  6. [4:08] Into The Spy Realm - Adam Skorupa
  7. [4:06] Internal Foes - Adam Skorupa
  8. [4:21] Consensus Is Not Enough - Adam Skorupa
  9. [4:04] World To Discover - Adam Skorupa
  10. [03:55] Troubled Times - Adam Skorupa
  11. [04:04] Whatever Will Be - Adam Skorupa
  12. [01:55] Politics Are My Thing - Adam Skorupa

Music composed for the Nothing Ever Changes campaign by Jürgen Cialon:
  1. [05:08] The Long Night - Jürgen Cialon
  2. [04:28] Curiosity - Jürgen Cialon
  3. [06:16] Lonely Mothers - Jürgen Cialon
  4. [03:08] Bloody Diamonds - Jürgen Cialon
  5. [03:07] Distorted Memory - Jürgen Cialon
  6. [03:57] The Bringer of War - Jürgen Cialon
  7. [02:55] Toe Cutters - Jürgen Cialon
  8. [04:47] Reversed Time - Jürgen Cialon
  9. [04:16] Defend the Tribe - Jürgen Cialon
  10. [01:58] Warlords - Jürgen Cialon



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