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dlc Overcooked! 2 - Season Pass

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Windows, Mac OS, Linux

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18 Apr 2019


Ghost Town Games Ltd., Team17 Digital Ltd

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Satisfy your hunger for Overcooked! 2’s chaotic cooking action with the Season Pass.
The Season pass will deliver 3 extra portions of content, featuring more meals, more mechanics and more mayhem!

First Course (Out Now): Campfire Cook Off
It’s time for some camping capers as you take a road trip through the forests of the Onion Kingdom. Joining Kevin and the Onion King are 4 new chefs that are right at home in the wooded kitchens; Scout Chef, Bear Chef, Beaver Chef and the bespectacled Owl Chef.
You’ll need to chop wood to keep the fires burning as you fry up a hearty breakfast, or toast tasty S’mores across 15 new levels set amongst tree-tops and tents. New levels of co-operation will be needed for the new wearable backpacks that hold the ingredients the team of chefs need to serve the hungry campers.

Second Course (Out Now): Night of the Hangry Horde
Overcooked! 2: Night of the Hangry Horde sees players face the most terrifying threat to the Onion Kingdom yet, the unbread, and this time they’ve brought friends! This DLC introduces an entirely new horde mode in which players must use all of their cooking know how to repel waves of ravenous undead ingredients.
  • Eight horde mode levels see players face up against waves of undead enemy attackers including the unbread, giant zombie apples and swift zombie chili peppers. Plus 12 new levels! Nine new kitchens and three hidden Kevin levels.
  • Four new chefs! Vampire chef, Ghost chef, Werewolf chef and returning favourite Boxhead chef from Overcooked!
  • New mechanics! The guillotine is an efficient new way to chop ingredients and the furnace must be fueled with coal in order to roast your dinners
  • Three recipes! Fruit pies, soup and roast dinners.

Third Course (Out Now): Carnival of Chaos
Overcooked! 2 Carnival of Chaos invites players to a celebration of all things cooking, co-op and chaos! This colourful new DLC will put players to the test as you take on combo meals and that kitchen essential, the canon!

  • Canons! An unconventional kitchen requires unconventional means of transport. Chefs must load themselves into the canon and fly through the air with the greatest of ease.
  • Combo Meals! For extra hungry customers, players must combine cuisines on a trusty tray, topped off with a refreshing beverage.
  • New Recipes! Hotdogs and everyone's favourite circular food, the mighty donut, join the menu!
  • Sauces! Is it even possible to have a hotdog without ketchup or mustard…or both?!
  • Plus 15 New Levels! Players will burn burgers in the big top and tackle tasty treats on a tight rope in a series of vibrant new levels.
  • Four New Chefs! A quartet of colourful characters join the culinary chaos: Ringmaster Chef, Strongman Chef, Clown Chef and Stunt Chef!


English (text), French (text), Italian (text), German (text), Spanish - Spain (text), Japanese (text), Simplified Chinese (text), Korean (text), Polish (text), Portuguese - Brazil (text), Traditional Chinese (text), Russian (text)


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