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Gothic 1

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15 Mar 2001 ⚠


Piranha Bytes

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ESRB: 13
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War has been waged across the kingdom of Myrtana. Orcish hordes invaded human territory and the king of the land needed a lot of ore to forge enough weapons, should his army stand against this threat. Whoever breaks the law in these darkest of times is sentenced to serve in the giant penal colony of Khorinis, mining the so much needed...


English, German, Spanish - Spain (text), Polish, French (text), Italian (text), Czech (text), Russian

System Requirements


OS *: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10/11
Processor (CPU): Intel Pentium III 700 MHz
Memory (RAM): 512 MB RAM
Graphics Card: 3D graphics card with 32 MB Ram
DirectX: Version 8.1
Storage: 5 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX compatible


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Gothic 1 review gives Gothic 1 a score of 88.
The average score based on 14 critics reviews on Metacritic is 81 points.
1,308 users of Metacritic gave Gothic 1 an average score of 8.6.
On Steam, 91% of the 9,821 players gave a positive rating.
The GOG shop has 241 player reviews with an average score of 4.6.