Dead Cells: Demake Soundtrack

dlc Dead Cells: Demake Soundtrack

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Windows, Mac OS, Linux

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14 Aug 2020


Yoann Laulan

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Chiptune Music For Your Headless Self.

This is the chiptune version of the Dead Cells OST. From the game. There’s like songs with guitar, and songs without. Sometimes with other instruments. Like voices, from the past, but now in the future, which is the present.

There’s sounds from a cat purring too, hidden somewhere.

This full length soundtrack will enhance your ears with subtle epic music to lead you to a never-ending world of fantastic fantasy. Now you can be the cool kid in the neighborhood, and go slash slash roll all the way into the sunset, while jogging.

For Human and cat use ONLY.

All Jokes aside...

This is a work in progress chiptune version of the OST for Dead Cells, that's to say there are currently 35 tracks totaling almost 2 hours and a half worth of music. As we add levels to the game and therefore new tracks, we'll add them here for free! MP3 and FLAC format available.

Track listing:
  1. [02:55] Dead Cells
  2. [04:48] Prisoner's Awakening
  3. [06:00] Promenade Of The Condemned
  4. [02:01] The Merchant
  5. [06:51] Ramparts
  6. [03:40] Black Bridge
  7. [04:55] Stilt Village
  8. [04:34] Toxic Sewers
  9. [04:42] Ossuary
  10. [01:29] Elite Fight
  11. [04:44] The Old Sewers
  12. [04:43] The Cemetery
  13. [03:53] Conjonctivius
  14. [03:24] The Prison's Depths
  15. [04:07] Unused Prison Theme
  16. [04:41] Sepulcher
  17. [01:07] Weapon Merchant
  18. [01:07] Food Merchant
  19. [05:12] Sanctuary
  20. [04:58] ClockTower
  21. [03:39] The Time Keeper Formerly Know As Assassin
  22. [01:50] Collector
  23. [04:55] Highpeak Castle
  24. [06:24] Hand Of The King
  25. [06:18] Credits
  26. [05:08] Cavern
  27. [03:39] Guardian's Haven
  28. [04:21] Astrolab
  29. [01:20] Observatory
  30. [04:14] Time For Your Medicine
  31. [02:39] Corrupted Prison
  32. [06:04] Arboretum
  33. [05:13] Morass Of The Banished
  34. [03:56] The Nest
  35. [05:12] Distillery
  36. [03:53] (Not) Pan Master Slash
  37. [06:11] Fractured Shrines
  38. [07:41] Undying Shores
  39. [02:55] The Mausoleum
  40. [03:54] Keep Off The Flowers





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