Offworld Trading Company - The Ceres Initiative DLC

Operating System

Windows, Mac OS

Release Date

22 Aug 2016


Mohawk Games

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About this DLC

The largest asteroid in the belt has finally chartered its first colony and there’s money to be made! Humanity proved that we could thrive on Mars… but, now we need to learn how to survive on a dead rock.

Enjoy the brand new scenery of Ceres while mining for Uranium, a resource unique to the landscape of the frozen asteroid. Use it to power the new Nuclear Power Plant building and fuel your colony while you fight for dominance of the stock market once again!


* New Location: Ceres
* New Resource: Uranium
* New Building: Nuclear Power Plant
* New Patent: Liquid Batteries
* New Challenge: Depleting Resources


English, French (text), German (text), Russian (text), Simplified Chinese (text), Spanish - Spain (text), Korean (text), Polish (text), Portuguese - Brazil (text)