Offworld Trading Company - Limited Supply DLC

Operating System

Windows, Mac OS

Release Date

18 Jan 2018


Mohawk Games

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About this DLC

Before business on Mars started booming, the first pioneers from Earth had one objective: survive. Play through over a dozen challenging scenarios and overcome the struggles of settling on Mars by aiding the growing colonies and ensuring their healthy futures.

In this DLC, the stock market and other business owners aren’t your enemies - instead, you’re fighting against Mars itself.

Limited Supply takes a core rule of Offworld Trading Company - buy whatever you want, whenever you want it (as long as you have the cash) - and turns it on its head.

Each scenario has a different ruleset and restricts what resources you’re allowed to buy and sell, meaning that you’ll have to constantly reevaluate how to thrive in each new location if you want to survive.


+ Over a dozen scenarios with unique rule sets and locations

+ A constantly changing environment that provides new challenges and objectives Evolving technologies and challenges

+ A new way to experience the game through puzzles


English, French (text), German (text), Spanish - Spain (text), Korean (text), Polish (text), Portuguese - Brazil (text), Russian (text), Simplified Chinese (text)